Booking SystemBooking System

The reservation system for hotels has a unique link to use it from their website.

The settings that can be exploited are summarized as follows:

  • Description, photos of accommodation and facilities
  • Possibility to set up to¬†3 levels¬†children ages
  • Booking conditions for each case including conditions for normal prices, offer prices, early booking prices, etc
  • Booking information system via email, sms, fax and front office alert
  • Define esaily all the periods of price policy
  • Create room types and setting prices and other parameters for each period seperately
  • Create extra meals and regulate prices per person per age per overnight
  • Discounts for individuals for Agencies (created NET prices based on sales prices - rack rates - that change each time they change the rack rates)
  • Additional Discounts for groups depending of the number of rooms booked in each reservation
  • Use all necessary discount policies and limitations generally and within the periods (eg discount long stay, weekend rates, minimum stays, non-operating periods, etc.)

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